The Farm

The farm is situated in the region of Pleven, next to the village of Krushovitza, Dolni Dabnik municipality. We started our production in 2002. The farm was initially established on 10’000 sq. meters of land and produced only Gros-gris (great grey) type of snails. Back then the farm included:

  • a 180 m2 reproduction hall;
  • a 200 m2 snail “kindergarten” – conservatory;
  • 2000 m2 of out-door growing parks.


Throughout the years our production grew immensely in quality and value. This gave us the courage to invest in the future development and growth of our farm. Today, our farm has a new and extremely modern 900 m2 reproduction hall, with 200 m2 of adjoining working halls.

Our Technology

After series of scientific and practical experiments, lasting for more than 15 years – mainly in research institutes and modern snail farms in France – we have established contemporary methods for growing snails. Employing such up-to-date techniques provides us with extremely positive results.

In this sense, our successful work and growth is due in large part to the cooperation with Mr .Jean-Claude Bonnet and Mr. Michel Soulet. Mr. Bonnet, the head of INRA institute – France, dedicated 20 years of his life to searching various formulas and technologies for snail growing. Mr. Soulet is one of the largest producers of snails in France and he has been consulting us for more than two years, sharing his formula for success.

By employing foreign expertise and experience and by constantly monitoring the production on-site, we have the confidence to claim that our farm is among the most up-to-date and modernized establishments in Europe.

Through the cooperation with our French partners, we have created a progressive formula for combined dry food, which we utilize for a nutritious and healthy diet for our snails.


Our successful results show that we have managed to use modern environmentally-conscious techniques to the best advantage by adapting them to Bulgarian climate conditions.

Since 2006 we have expanded our production range by growing another popular type of snails – Petit-gris (small grey). By doing this we have managed to reach over 100 tons of overall snail production per season. 


Our short-term plans include the research and design of a next generation laboratory for processing snails. We are ready to embrace any talks and discussions for future business and financial partnerships.


We accept requests for small /babies/ snails of the Helix Apsersa MAXIMA for rearing for the 2020 season.
Possibility of delivery to to the nearest international airport!
In order to offer you our best price, please send a request to the following e-mail:


Snails are among the first animals consumed by humans. The large quantity of ancient snail-shells, found in excavations, serve as evidence that prehistoric cave people consumed them… : : More